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Acerca de Manuela

Originally an interior designer, I am deeply in love with Barcelona since 2014 - the architecture, culture and art, food, mountains and of course the sea inspire me to keep exploring it every day!

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When visitors come to Barcelona the first time, of course I like to show them what the city is so loved for. Barcelona offers so many "must-sees" - something for everyone's taste! But already then, I like to sprinkle in some hidden places to relax, restaurants or bars that guidebooks might not know, or beaches where you don't feel like a sardine. I think that all the impressions are "digested" best accompanied by a great meal, and tired feet need a rest away from the main stream. For visitors who know the city, I promise there is so much more to explore - Just wait and see :)


Manuela was very helpful, answering all my questions , giving us advices and planning a guide according to our preferences. The process was very easy and pleasant. Unfortunately we didn't end up using most of the guide because of my teenage boys who had their different ideas and needs, but I would definitely recommend using and their heroes. Thank you very much Manuela!


A Fantastic Trip!!! Thank you so much for your expert and local guidance. We utilized your travel guide to maximize our trip. We can't wait to get back to Barcelona!

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