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My passion it's travelling around the world, get to know new cities, new people, new cultures. I wasn't born in Barcelona but from many years ago I took this place as my hometown, embrace it with me.

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Depending of the mood of the weekend you wanna have and also important the budget you have I could create an adventure plan in between the Nature that Barcelona has to show to the world, to know the best touristic places with the least losing time possible. Barcelona is always full of Tourist and sometimes tourists lose their time by going on wrong hours to certain places and changing one thing with another, or today for tomorrow would be very beneficial. But you don't have to worry about anything, that's what I'm here for. :-)




Gracias Teobaldo! Pude hacer todo y más también. Muy claro el mapa con el itinerario! Disfrute mis dos días en Barcelona!!!


Teo did a great job with our trip. We were in Barcelona for 6 days and feel like we saw so much of the city! We could probably use a couple more days just to see the highlights of this wonderful place. I really appreciated having Teo insight to the city and a great daily schedule. We will definitely be back!


very good local service to foreigners.


Teobaldo was very helpful in planning our trip. Very detailed instructions on transport etc and even included updates on deals while we were there!




Teo, è stato molto efficiente e veloce . Bello il suo itinerario . Complimenti!!


The plan is fantastic! It saved us a lot of time to get to know the city.


Teo was an awesome guide for me and my wife. We love the fact that it took his time to explain the points of interest and the way to commute throughout Barcelona via the metro. He came to our hotel on Friday morning as promised and was very friendly and patient. Teo is my local hero in Barcelona


Found Teobaldo's itinerary to be very helpful and really gave us a feel for the beautiful city of Barcelona. Thank you Teobaldo.


Every suggestion was well suited to what I was looking for and Teobaldo was very helpful with any other questions I had.


Fast responses to messages. Planned itinerary well and gave many tips which were helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

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