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Palladía, Athens local hero

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About Palladía

I am a lover of the Ancient and Modern Greece. Indeed Athens was my holiday place before to come to live here. I am very happy reading, walking or speaking! The life is to enjoy it! :)


Athens is a very big city, full of life and things to do. When you decided come to Athens you must think that you are comming to a city with more than 2000 years. This fact makes Athens has her own personality. Do you want to see the Parthenon in the same time that you see a roman building with the best enviroment, you must walk in Plaka! Do you want to be lost in the best Museum of Greece, with the mask of the heroe of the Odissey or with the paints of Cnossos? Good Food, Good People and the most long history of Europe is sleeping in its streets waiting for you!!

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