Before you Travel

Bookings needed & things you can prepare in advance to make the most of your time once in Venice

Tickets & activities you NEED to book in advance

The huge majority of travelers visit the following attractions. They need to be booked to avoid huge queues or to guarantee availability.

One of the most visited spots in Venice is the gothic-style Doge's Palace, with its breathtaking interior. Make sure you don't miss it!

Doge's Palace tickets

If you're planning to visit more museums and not just the Doge's Palace, you could choose this Museums Pass to save both time and money. It includes the Glass Museum, the Lace Museum, the Natural History Museum and others.

Venice Museums Pass

Dreaming of sailing in a gondola along the canals of the City of Masks? I recommend booking in advance not because you won't be able to find one, they're everywhere, but to avoid falling into tourist traps!

Classic Gondola Ride tickets

Pick your Transfers & Transport Cards

Marco Polo is a very busy airport, booking your transfer earlier will avoid you stress and huge queues. The options I recommend are:

The fastest option: Venice Express

The journey in the Venice Express is about 20-30 minutes one-way and the cost of a ticket is €8 one way, €15 if you’ll be making the round-trip. It goes straight from the airport to Piazzale Roma.

Venice Express Bus

The door-to-door and fun, but a little bit more expensive option: Water Taxis

The Water taxis let you start enjoying the essence of Venice as soon as you leave the airport. Ride a taxi-boat across the lagoon to get to your hotel in the center of the city. It costs around € 32 per person.

Shared Water Taxi

Once in the city, the distances are not far away, so I would suggest walking as much as you can. However, to cross the canals you will need to get on a boat or gondola. Here's the best transport card option:

With ACTV you'll be able to get on Vaporettos and Buses. It offers 1 day cards for € 20 (if you're staying for a few days I would suggest arranging your itinerary in such a way that you can use the 1 day ticket), 2 day cards for € 30 and 3 day cards for €40.

ACTV 24 - 72-Hour Transport

Other recommended arrangements

Book your tours, guides & activities: the best tours sell out fast. Try to do your research and book before you go. Have a look at our Love Your Trip selection, we have the best services and experiences in town.

If you need advice to choose your activity or you’re looking for something specific, send me a message.

Curated Experiences & Tours Venice

Have you just started to plan your trip? Too many things to decide? Too long do it all by yourself? Special needs or wishes? Then, you should plan your trip with a local to get tailored travel plans & advices.

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