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Travel planning for each day of your stay: Main attractions, secret spots, local bars and restaurants…

Travel planning for each day of your stay: Main attractions, secret spots, local bars and restaurants…

The best tips & tricks for each spot, to enjoy the city like a local

Your Local Hero will be available to solve all your doubts and adapt your trip to your tastes and needs

Adapted to your travel dates:
flea markets, local festivals, art expos, concerts…

Planned by a local hero

Local hero /’lōkəl ‘hiərō/ sust.

1someone who lives, loves and knows the city you’re visiting and can reveal the best and more authentic spots for you

2someone with the ability to plan your trip faster and much better than you

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We find the ideal Local Hero for your trip

Your Local Hero plans your daily routes

Receive your tailored travel guide


We find the ideal Local Hero for your trip

Your Local Hero plans your daily routes

Receive your tailored travel guide

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Alicante, Spain
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aranjuez, Spain
Arcos de la Frontera, Spain
Athens, Greece
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Berlin, Germany
Bilbao, Spain
Bordeaux, France
Bratislava, Slovakia
Breda, Netherlands
Bruges, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Bucharest, Romania
Budapest, Hungary
Budva, Montenegro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cáceres, Spain
Cairo, Egypt
Camagüey, Cuba
Cape Town, South Africa
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
Cascais, Portugal
Cienfuegos, Cuba
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Cologne, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cordova, Spain
Cuba, Cuba
Detroit, United States of America
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dublin, Ireland, Ireland
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Fez, Morocco
Florence, Italy
Genoa, Italy
Ghent, Belgium
Gibara, Cuba
Girona, Spain
Granada, Spain
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Guimarães, Portugal
Haarlem, Netherlands
Hamburg, Germany
Hanoi, Vietnam
Havana, Cuba
Helsinki, Finland
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Holguín, Cuba
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Istambul, Turkey
Jerusalem, Israel
Johannesburg, South Africa
Kraków, Poland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kyoto, Japan
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Lanzarote, Spain
La Paz, Bolivia
Levisa-Nicaro, Cuba
Lima, Peru
Lisbon, Portugal
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Ljubljana, Slovenia
London, United Kingdom
Los Angeles, United States of America
Madrid, Spain
Malacca, Malaysia
Málaga, Spain
Manchester, United Kingdom
Manila, Philippines
Marrakesh, Morocco
Marseille, France
Mexico City, Mexico
Miami, United States of America
Milan, Italy
Minorca, Spain
Montreal, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Munich, Germany
Naples, Italy
Natal, Brazil
New Delhi, India
New York, United States of America
Oporto, Portugal
Oslo, Norway
Ostend, Belgium
Palma - Majorca, Spain
Pamplona, Spain
Paris, France
Pisa, Italy
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Pokhara, Nepal
Pompeii, Italy
Prague, Czechia
Providencia, Colombia
Quito, Ecuador
Reykjavík, Iceland
Riga, Latvia
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rome, Italy
Sacramento, United States of America
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Salt Lake City, United States of America
Samos, Greece
San Andrés, Colombia
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
San Sebastián, Spain
Santa Barbara, United States of America
Santa Clara, Cuba
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Santa Marta, Colombia
Santiago, Chile
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Santorini, Greece
São Paulo, Brazil
Segovia, Spain
Seoul, South Korea
Seville, Spain
Siena, Italy
Singapore, Malaysia
Sitges, Spain
Sofia, Bulgaria
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Tallinn, Estonia
Tangier, Morocco
Tarragona, Spain
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tétouan, Morocco
Tokyo, Japan
Toulouse, France
Trinidad, Cuba
Turin, Italy
Valencia, Spain
Valletta, Malta
Vancouver, Canada
Varadero, Cuba
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Venice, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Vilnius, Lithuania
Viñales, Cuba
Warsaw, Poland
Washington, United States of America
Zagreb, Croatia
Zürich, Switzerland