• Fast delivery: In case you’re in a hurry and you need your tripUniq ASAP. 
  • Message assistance with your expert: If you have any doubts, confusion or curiosity during your trip you can send a direct message to your local expert and they´ll respond within 30 minutes or less. 
  • Welcome coffee: If you´re interested in meeting with your local expert to deepen your experience we offer a 1 hour welcome coffee (or beer). You´ll be able to look through your tripUniq together and make changes if necessary. Your expert can help you with anything from the history of the destination, language basics or just to meet up for a friendly chat. 

We also offer: 

  • Personal guides: Prices and duration may vary in function with the local expert. We offer both official and unofficial guides (please check the service description of your local expert to find out more). 

You´re always able to ask your local expert other services you may need, if for any reason he/she’s unable to satisfy your request we will send you a special offer.

Our local experts work hard to provide you with the best possible tripUniq. We prefer that you state all your preferences when you make your order so our experts don´t have to work overtime. Of course, we understand that plans can change and if you ask your expert nicely an exception can be made :). 

Yes. Once you've ordered you can edit your trip and send direct messages to your local expert.

Yes! This won't be a problem as your customized trip is delivered through an App that works offline too.

Yes! Of course! You can share your tripUniq with others travelling with you by clicking the Invite button, then they'll also receive the custom trip in their account too. 

Depending on the local expert (check locals profile) delivery time ranges between 2 - 5 days. As the entire trip is personalized and customized on your requests our experts need some time to prepare the perfect tripUniq. 

No, the price does not differ depending on how many travellers they'll be on the trip. Our local experts are paid for each customized day based on what you ask for. 

We charge what we do thanks to our guide creator tool that allows our experts to create your plan quickly. The TripUniq team control that our local experts don't deliver the same travel plan to other travellers. 

We have made it simple with 4 easy steps. 

  1. Tell us where & when you want to go
  2. Select your interests
  3. Choose your local expert
  4. Order!

You´ll receIve in your account a customized guide for your stay including:

  • Daily personalized itineraries
  • Local tips for attractions, bars and restaurants
  • Basic information & general advices.
  • Food suggestions
  • Local events with customized calendar

As soon as you receive your tripUniq use the Download option to store it on your phone. This way you won´t have roaming charges and the guide will be available offline.



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