Yes of course, we recommend that you publish your profile in your web site, blog or through social network sites to attract as many customers as possible to your profile. 

We recommend you decline the request. If a customer has a special interest that you can't assist with or you are uncertain of any places that correspond with his/her budget, it’s better to let them choose another local expert that will be able to provide a better service. This will also avoid possible bad reviews on your profile.

Yes. All local experts can also offer extra services such as Fast delivery, Message Assistance and Welcome coffee/beer which have fixed prices (see Expert profile - Your Services) and Personal Guide services where the local expert can set a price.

No, tripUniq customers want a personalized service. However, you can take advantage of previous custom plannings you’ve previously done; but you’ll have to change some details like the local events calendar, seasonal food and activities. The tripUniq team monitor copying personalized plans closely. 

Yes! Visitors who navigate on your web/blog are most likely looking at what they can get up to in your city. These visitors are the perfect target customers to offer your customized services to.

Place your customized travel expert widget in your web and convert your visitors into customers. Find all the different widget options in your profile.

We understand that all local experts put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect tripUniq, which is why 70% of all the income goes to you. 

Simple, in 2 steps:

  1. Complete the application form 
  2. Complete your expert profile

Once you’re done we will validate and publish your profile.

Remember! The more information you give us, the more reason we have to select you. 

Are you crazy about your city? Do you love showing your friends and relatives around your favorite places? Are you a blogger or influencer who posts about your city? Are you a city or tour guide? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, then APPLY and become one of our local experts. 

If you have an account in the EU, you can be paid by transfer or Paypal. Outside the EU we can only pay you through Paypal. Be aware that Paypal in certains cases retains a fee for the payment.

The payments are done at the beginning of each month. Each Local Hero receives the amount corresponding to the trips that have been enjoyed by his/her travelers the previous month. Ex: If a Local Hero plans a trip in February for someone finishing his trip in March, the Local Hero will be paid early April.


No. All content you create in your account remains in your library and only you can access the content. Your customers will have access to all the content included in their customized guide once you've delivered the trip.

No. Delivering Planning, Welcome drink and Message assistance services are perfectly legal, as long as you're paying the correct corresponding country taxes. Personal guide services depend on the legality of your country or city. In the majority of cases you are allowed to deliver personal guide services as long as you remain outside the tourist attraction areas.

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