Transfers y Transportes

Cómo llegar desde el aeropuerto y moverse por la ciudad

Getting from/to the airport

Getting from/to the airport

There are different ways to get from Vienna International airport to the city center:

The fastest and most comfortable door-to-door option: Private transfer

With this service your driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall and you'll avoid long queues for a taxi. The price is approximately €35 per car, depending on the location of your hotel, and it takes approx. 20 min. to get to destination.

Vienna Private Transfer

The least common option with Public Transport: bus

There are 2 options: the Air-Liner bus goes to the Vienna international bus terminal and Hauptbahnhof central rail station in approx. 15 minutes, departing every 1-2 hours. A single ticket costs around €5. The other option is the Vienna airport lines that offers 3 different lines. They depart every 30-60 minutes, it gets to the center in around 20-45 minutes and cost around €8.

The most common options with Public Transport: Trains

There are 2 trains you can catch. The S7 S-Bahn goes from the Airport to Wien Mitte in about 25 minutes. A single ticket costs around €4.20, and it leaves every 30 minutes. Tickets can be bought at the machines. The City Airport Train (CAT) gets to Wien Mitte in about 16 minutes. A ticket costs 12€, it also departs every 30 minutes, and you can buy tickets through this link:

City Airport Train

How to move around

How to move around

Walk as much as you can so you take in the beautiful architecture and spaces of the city. For longer distances:

Public Transport

Vienna's public transport works very good and it consists of metro, buses, trams, trains and S-Bahn regional trains. There are different tickets you can purchase: single tickets are €2.20 and you can change lines with it. There's a 24-hour ticket that costs €7.60, 48-hour ticket costs €13.30 and 72-hour ticket costs €16.50, you have to validate the three of them the first time you use any mean of transport. Be careful with weekly tickets, which cost €16.20, and are valid from Monday to Sunday, but if you buy them on a Thursday you will only have until Sunday.

The Vienna City Card gives you unlimited access to public transport:

Public Transport Vienna City Card


Citybike gives you the posibility to access bikes that are scattered in stations all over the city. You have to register online and you will have to pay a fee of € 1.00. Once registered you'll have access to the bikes with a free first hour, the second hour of uninterrupted use is € 1.00, the third hour is € 2.00 and the fourth hour is € 4.00. You can register here:

Citybike Vienna

The most comfy & Panoramic way: Hop On- Hop Off buses

Hop On - hop off buses are the perfect option for those who don’t like crowded metros or buses. You'll be able to hop on and off on the different stops they have designated

There are different companies that provide this service:

- Big Bus Vienna: you can buy tickets for 1, 2 or 3 consecutive days. There are 2 routes with over 25 stops around the city. There's the option of Premium and Deluxe tickets that include a Guided Walking tour around the city and a Hundertwasser tour. The price goes from € 30 per person.

Big Bus company Vienna

- Vienna Sightseeing: it offers the option of tickets for 24, 48 and 72 hours. It has 5 different routes with 50 stops around the city and it includes a Guided Walking tour. The amount of routes included in the ticket depend on the length of it, the 72 hour ticket has all of them included.  The price goes from € 25 per person.

Vienna Sightseeing Company bus

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