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About Tino

I'm a cynical romantic living in Havana for 8 years now. Love it! I want to share my love and knowledge of this amazing place. Show you 'my' Havana and share it's secrets.


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Slowly we will descent into the 'real' Cuba. Old Havana is beautiful but underneath the make-up there is a different layer. Centro is the most interesting part of town for me. It’s less civilized and even a bit raw… We should at least spent a day there! I’ll take you off the beaten track. On your third day in Havana you will not see any sandals above short cargo pants anymore ☺ . I've been living in Havana in winter for 8 years now. Love it! And will make you love it too! Remember: Havana is extremely safe... Will make you do and see some stuff that seems odd :-). But it is always safe!


First time visit to Havana and we could not be more delighted! Tino's guide offered a personalized, professional plan to places we would not have found on our own. He also provided great tips and tricks to help us maximize our time and money, so we were able to relax and enjoy our trip. I would recommend him to anyone going to visit Havana, he made our trip amazing!!


Great tips for 2 days/nights in Havana, Cuba! I loved the personal comments from Tino and the layout of the guide (similar to a walking tour) made it easy to follow. We ended up picking & choosing sights/restaurants recommended by Tino while exploring the city ourselves. For just 5 Euros a day, would recommend! Also - if you can find it, stop by Alberto's Bakery on the corner calzada de infanta y valle in Havana :)


I appreciated the honesty (although can be interpreted differently for a non-Westerner) and the restaurant recommendations for a city without a standard food "scene."


The single most useful tool we had in Havana was this itinerary


Tino's picks were great. Only qualm was that one of the recommended restauranta (Prado 155) was no longer in existence


First day was perfect, we really enjoyed it. The second day was ok, but we were very disappointed with alberto's bakery (very long walk for no added value), so we decided not to continue the tour as presented. But as I said, first day was perfect.


Very nice arrangement and very nice with the bikes too 😉


Hoi Tino, we hadden al veel aan de tips uit je boek gehad maar de drie 'wandelingen' waren ook erg interessant. We hebben bijna alles gedaan. Aangezien je ook al had gezegd dat waarschijnlijk niet alle onderdelen precies in volgorde of op die dag gedaan moesten worden, was er één misser. Don Pepe was niet open op de dag dat wij er langs gingen (even vermelden dat ze 's zondags dicht zijn) En omdat wij in Vedado zaten ontdekten we snel het muziekfestival op La Rampa; dat is iets om voortaan zeker te vermelden ergens in je route. Verder hebben we erg genoten van onze week in La Habana.


Tino made a very nice itinerary and knows a lot about Cuba and it's mentality. His itinerary isn't like a fixed schedule (you shouldn't have one in Cuba, really), but you can pick the things that looks interesting and do them in the several days you are in Havana. Tino is a reliable guide for this buzzling, easygoing, complex and paradoxical country.


Super!! I had a wonderfull time. Couldn't have done this without him. Tino knows Cuba and the Cubans. Knows where to go; is very entertaining. And pulls back at the right time. Have seen places, not mentionated in the tourit books. Met the real Cuabans personally. A must with Tino if you don't want just to lay t the each. Robbert

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