Terms and Conditions for Experts

These general conditions govern the relationship established between A2C TRAVEL, S.L. (hereinafter TRIPUNIQ) and local experts (hereinafter experts) who provide online services through the website www.tripuniq.com, ownership by TRIPUNIQ.
The provision of services by the experts implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the general conditions indicated, without prejudice to the acceptance of the particular conditions which may be applicable.
These general conditions may be modified without prior notice, therefore, it is advisable to read carefully their contents before starting any relationship with TRIPUNIQ and the use of the platform.

TRIPUNIQ, in compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July on services of information society and e-commerce, informs you that:
- Its corporate name is: A2C TRAVEL, S.L.
- Its trade name is: TRIPUNIQ,
- Its CIF/VAT number is: B55155147 (Company Registration number),
- Registered office is at: Carrer Pic de Peguera 11, A21.2, 17003 GIRONA, province of GIRONA (Spain).
- Registered in the Registro Mercantil de Girona, diario 226, asiento 710, tomo 2900, folio 86, hoja GI53840, inscripción 1ª

To communicate with us, we make available different means of contact as shown below:
- Email: info@tripuniq.com
- Postal address: Carrer Rambla Catalunya 91-93 1º1ª, 08008 BARCELONA, SPAIN
All notifications and communications between experts and TRIPUNIQ shall be considered effective, for all purposes, when carried out through any means detailed above.

The services offered by TRIPUNIQ consist of connecting travelers with people from the place they want to travel, the local experts.
The main service is the "tailor-made guide" by which experts make a guide tailored to the traveler's preferences. The local expert makes a plan for each day that the traveler wishes with general recommendations on the destination, typical dishes of the area and events that take place in the dates of the trip.
Local experts can offer extra services that can be hired together with the main service or later, provided that it comes before the date of the trip. Some of the most common extras are:
-"Welcome Meeting" service: The local expert and the traveler are quoted at the arrival of the traveler to the destination country so that the first one explains in person to the second the details of the plan.
-"Message Assistance" service: The expert agrees to be available to answer questions via telephone or WhatsApp during the days of the trip.
-Other Extras: The local expert can offer any other extra services that he deems interesting to the client.
TRIPUNIQ reserves the right to decide, at any time, the products and/or services offered to customers. In this way, TRIPUNIQ may, at any time, add new products and/or services to those currently offered. Likewise, TRIPUNIQ reserves the right to withdraw or stop offering, at any time, without prior notice, to any of the services offered. Changes or withdrawals in TRIPUNIQ's decision services will be communicated to the experts in advance so that they do not offer them to travelers.
Once in www.tripuniq.com, to become an expert, the interested party must follow all the instructions indicated in the registration phase, which will imply the reading and acceptance of all the general and particular conditions set out in Www.tripuniq.com.

The relationship between TRIPUNIQ and the expert materializes through the platform following the process established on the website.
TRIPUNIQ is not responsible for damages that may occur to the expert as a result of failures or disconnections in telecommunications networks and that causes suspension, cancellation or interruption of the hiring process through the Www.tripuniq.com online Platform 

To access the Www.tripuniq.com platform and provide the services as an expert, it is necessary to be of legal age.
The registration and selection process of an expert is as follows:
-Fill in the form in which you have to explain which city you are expert, the kind of plans you like to do, places you know and languages you master.
-Once TRIPUNIQ receives the data, it evaluates the suitability of the candidate for expert. If selected, TRIPUNIQ will communicate it to you by email and will include it in the "pool" of experts from the city in question. If you are not selected you will also be notified by the same medium.
- TRIPUNIQ reserves the right to eliminate an expert from the pool if it repeatedly fails to deliver a guide on time or with the best quality requirements.
-There is an option where the expert requests TRIPUNIQ not to appear in his "pool" because it can be contracted directly by the client through his blog that links to TRIPUNIQ website to complete the of hiring and payment process. In these cases, the expert can set his price.

-As soon as a customer has made the payment of the contracted service, he receives a notification of TRIPUNIQ by e-mail and has 24 hours to accept or reject the order.
-If within that time the expert has not accepted the order, we contact another expert and assigned the order to him.
-Once the order is accepted, the expert has a variable time to deliver the guide with the maximum delivery time that he has specified in his or her profile. If the customer has contracted the express service, the expert will have a period of 48 hours to deliver the order and receive an extra bonus for attending to the urgency.

DURATION: The relationship between TRIPUNIQ, customer and the local expert concludes the month following the completion date of the customer's trip, unless the customer has made any claim for the service provided, in which case it shall terminate when the claim is satisfactorily resolved for all parties.
CANCELLATION: TRIPUNIQ may cancel the service due violation of these conditions by the expert. Experts can cancel their agreement with TRIPUNIQ at any time. In case an expert requests to terminate, TRIPUNIQ will withdraw it from the "pool" of experts and if he had any order pending to delivered, it would be reassigned to another expert. The Expert who drops the platform will not charge any amount for pending orders to finalize or deliver.
The completion of the relationship between TRIPUNIQ and the expert does not generate the obligation to pay any compensation to the expert. TRIPUNIQ will pay only the amounts outstanding to liquidate to the date of discharge by the services rendered and finished by the expert.

The local expert makes a plan for each day that the traveler wishes with general recommendations on the destination, typical dishes of the area and events that takes place in the dates of the trip.
When the Plan is ready, the expert indicates it on the platform and a notification is sent to the customer. Until the date of the trip, the customer and the expert can keep in touch and make any modifications to the guide if necessary.

In both the guide and through the TRIPUNIQ platform, the expert introduces points of interest, this information can be the property of the expert but you can also obtain additional information that we provide to you or third parties such as 4square.
The expert authorizes TRIPUNIQ to use the contents of the Guide and information on the platform for promotional, advertising and/or web positioning purposes. The expert undertakes not to use and exploit for his own benefit the guide created for a TRIPUNIQ client information uploaded to the platform, in other media or for other purposes unrelated to the services provided by the TRIPUNIQ platform.
As for the images and texts that form part of the guide or have been uploaded to the platform, if such content comes from third parties, the expert shall be responsible for the legitimate use of such content and to respect the intellectual property rights of the holders. TRIPUNIQ reserves the right to withdraw or not to publish content on which the expert is not able to prove legitimate use and respect for intellectual property rights.
If the content is the property of the expert, it is understood that it transfers its use to TRIPUNIQ for the provision of the service contracted through the platform and for the purposes indicated in the previous section. Similarly, if the images owned by the expert identify persons and / or minors, the expert will be solely responsible for accrediting that they have the express consent of said persons and / or their parents or guardians for the disclosure of their images. TRIPUNIQ reserves the right to withdraw or not publish content for which it is not possible to prove the consent of the people that appear in the images for its disclosure.

The expert receives monthly payment for the services provided in the previous month. Of this amount, TRIPUNIQ retains a percentage of commission for the service of making available its online platform used by the expert.
TRIPUNIQ can establish special agreements with the expert on pricing and percentage of commission according to the volume of customers contributed by it to the platform.

Experts receive their transfer payments through Paypal or bank transfer.
TRIPUNIQ will issue and send the expert a monthly invoice for the amount corresponding to the accrued Commission.

TRIPUNIQ selects its local experts to meet minimum quality requirements in the delivery of its services, however, TRIPUNIQ is not responsible for the content of the guidelines made by them or the recommendations made by the expert to the traveler on the places to visit, where to eat or activities to make.
TRIPUNIQ may suspend, withdraw or cancel partially or completely the services under contract at any time and without the need for prior notice. The above forecast will not affect those services that are reserved for registered users or who are subject to prior recruitment and which shall be governed by their specific conditions.

Experts can contact TRIPUNIQ through the email address info@tripuniq.com or by using our https://tripuniq.com/contact form.

The conditions present will be governed by the Spanish legislation in force.
The language used will be Spanish, English, French and Italian.

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