Before you Travel

Bookings needed & things you can prepare in advance to make the most of your time once in Kraków

Tickets & activities you NEED to book in advance

The huge majority of travelers visit the following attractions. They need to be booked to avoid huge queues or to guarantee availability.

The first tickets you need to book beforehand are the ones for the tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. As the site is away from the city center of Kraków you'll also need to book the transportation, and the best option is to book both together on the same site.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Tickets

The second attraction that we would suggest booking is Schindler's Enamel Factory. It represents a huge part of the city's history, so it's usually crowded and you'll have to select a time slot to get in.

Schindler's Factory tickets

If you want to do a guided tour of the rooms of the magnificent Wawel Castle you should also book in advance, you'll have to select a time slot too. Don't miss getting in because you didn't book!

Wawel Castle Guided Tour

If you're planning to visit as many attractions as you can during your visit, you can opt to buy the Kraków City Card. It's available for 2 or 3 consecutive days and it's valid for 40 museums and attractions in the city (including St. Mary's Basilica, Schindler's Factory and the Eagle's Pharmacy) and for riding buses and trams.

Kraków City Card

Pick your Transfers & Transport Cards

The International airport of Kraków is usually pretty busy, so booking your transfer earlier will avoid you stress and long queues. These are the best options to get to the city center:

The most comfortable door to door option: Private Transfer

They offer door-to-door services, they will be waiting for you when you land in the airport and it's cheaper than a taxi most of the times (you have to be careful with unauthorized taxis). Here's one option of private transfer:

Private Transfer Kraków

If you're feeling a little bit more eco-friendly, you could choose this door-to-door option: an Electric Car transfer that has access to privileged lanes to skip the traffic lines!

Kraków Electric Car Transfer

Once in the city, the best way to move around is walking. However, for longer distances you can choose between buses and trams. Tickets are the same ones for trams and buses and they are timed, allowing you to change between tram or bus lines within the alloted time. The cheapest fare is good for 20mins at a cost of 2.80zł.

If you are planning to visit many attractions during your stay and move around public transport, you should consider buying a Kraków City Card. It's valid for 2 or 3 consecutive days, depending on how long you need it for. It's valid for 40 museums and attractions in the city (including St. Mary's Basilica, Oskar Schindler's Factory and the Eagle's Pharmacy) and for unlimited rides in buses and trams.

Kraków City Card - Public Transport

Other recommended arrangements

Book your tours, guides & activities: the best tours sell out fast. Try to do your research and book before you go. Have a look at our Love Your Trip selection, we have the best services and experiences in town.

If you need advice to choose your activity or you’re looking for something specific, send me a message.

Curated Experiences & Tours Kraków

Have you just started to plan your trip? Too many things to decide? Too long do it all by yourself? Special needs or wishes? Then, you should plan your trip with a local to get tailored travel plans & advices.

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