Grab your bags,

The rest is on us

This is what your tripUniq includes to reach unique and genuine travel experience :)

Your very own

Local hero

It's like visiting a friend that knows his city and knows what you like:

Solves your doubts & shows interest in what you like

Plans your days according to your tastes and travel dates

Makes sure you book in advance what's necessary

A tailored

travel guide

Your Local Hero includes everything you need to have with you in a guide you'll be able to download in your phone. This travel guide will include:

Maps with the daily routes planned by your Local Hero

Practical information about the city

Seasonal & local suggestions about bars, restaurants and events

Extras you can

also include

The following options are not included in the basic price but you can add them in the order page or later, once you'd have received your tailored guide:

Meet your Local Hero

Chat with Your Hero during the trip

Restaurants bookings... and more!

Step #1:

Let's get your every own local hero

With whom are you going to Montreal?