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Prague (Praha in Czech) is the capital of the Czech Republic. It used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia and of Czechoslovakia.

In1992 its Old Town was declared a World Heritage Site and it's between the 20 most visited cities in the world, so keep in mind you'll definitely find lots of tourists like you!

Peligros y precauciones

Peligros y precauciones

Prague is one of the safest cities in Europe. However, as in every major touristic city, be careful with pickpockets in public transport and crowded places.

Horarios locales

Horarios locales

Supermarkets open from 7:00 to 21:00.

Restaurants usually have their kitchens open until 20:00, but if you want to eat later you'll find fast food places that close later.

Cómo moverse

Cómo moverse

Prague has one of the best public transport systems in Europe, it has metro, trams and buses. There are different short-term tickets you can buy, depending on how long you'll need to use it for. For adults, a 30-minute ticket costs 24 CZK, a 90-minute ticket costs 32 CZK, a 24-hour ticket costs 110 CZK and a 72-hour ticket costs 310 CZK. 

Metro: It has 3 lines differentiated by letters and colours, Green - line A, Yellow - line B, Red - line C. It runs every day from 5:00 to 0:00.

Trams: there are different routes throughout the city, and during the day the service is more frequent. The daytime schedule is from 4:30 to 0:00 (the frequence is at each stop) and at night there are trams number 51 to 59 that run every 30 minutes.

Buses: as the trams, the daytime schedule is from 4:30 to 0:00 (the frequence is at each stop) and at night the buses that work are from number 501 to 513.

River Ferries: passsenger ferries on Vltava river belong to the public transport in Prague. The trip always takes only a few minutes and the ships operate 7 days per week.

Taxis: (the ones that you take on the street, not call on your phone), are not advisable because they're known to be dishonest and overcharge. You should find out how much the trip will cost before you start it, so you make sure you get in knowing how much it will be. You could use Uber that works as a taxi but the price is given at the beginning and it's usually cheaper.

Hop on - Hop off buses: this buses allow you to get on and off at the different stops it has throughout major attractions. Tickets are valid for 24 or 48 hours and it has 3 lines which has stops along the city. You can book tickets through this link.

Sobre el idioma

Sobre el idioma

The official language is Czech but in most touristic places and restaurants they speak English too. Here are some words with their translation in case you want to give them a try:

- Hello = Dobrý den

- Goodbye = Ahoj

- Please = Prosím

- Thanks = Děkuji

- Good night = Dobrou noc

- Yes = Ano

- No = Ne

Desde El Aeropuerto

Desde El Aeropuerto

There are different ways to get from International Václav Havel Airport to the city center. As it's a very touristic city I recommend booking your transport in advance so you avoid long lines and complications.

The cheapest way: Public transport

There are 3 bus lines that can be combined with the Metro. Bus 119 runs from the airport to Dejvicka metro station, the A line. It connects to the busiest part of the city centre, like Lesser Town and Old Town. Bus 100 runs from the airport to Zlicin,the B line of the Metro, and it takes 18 minutes. Bus 179 runs from the airport to Nove Butovice, a stop on the B line and it takes 45 min. For any of those combinations you should get at least the 90-min ticket, which costs 32 CZK.

Public transport can be very busy during peak hours, so if you have a lot of luggage I would choose another option.

The fastest option: the Airport Express

This bus runs between the airport and Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague’s main train station, every 30 min. It takes about 35 min. The public transport ticket doesn't work for this bus, you'll have to buy a special one through this link. The price is CZK 60 for adults, CZK 30 for kids 6-15 and it's free for kids under 6.

The most comfortable and affordable door-to-door option: Shared Shuttle Transfers

With this shared shuttle service you'll be met by a driver at your arrival and will be taken to the entrance of your accomodation in approx. 45 min. As it's shared, you may have to wait for other passengers, but the maximum time of waiting is 30 min. You should book it in advance, and you can do it through this link.

The most comfortable and private door-to-door option: Private Transfer

If you prefer having the transport all to yourself and be on your way as soon as you meet your driver, you can book a private one which will leave you at the door of your accomodation in approx. 30 min. You should also book it in advance through this link.

Other door-to-door options: Taxi and Uber

I don't suggest using these options because there's usually a really long line to get one. However, know that the approx. price of a taxi goes from 500 CZK up and Ubers tend to be a little bit cheaper, from 250 CZK.



There are 2 passes that includes tickets to attractions and activities in the city that can make you save some money and time.

The Prague City Card can be bought for 2, 3 or 4 consecutive days. It includes tickets to monuments and attractions such as Prague Castle, Petřín View Tower and the 7 sites of the Prague National Gallery. Also, you'll get a 2 hour Historical bus tour and a Sightseeing tour and boat cruise. You can check all that it includes and the prices through this link.

There's also the Prague City Pass, which is valid for 1 month and allows you to enter the most important attractions of the city by skipping the line, like the Synagogues of the Jewish Museum and the Prague Castle. You'll also get a 45 minute Sightseeing tour and a Vltava River Cruise, plus discounts in other activities. You can check all that it includes and the price through this link.


¿Estás empezando a planificar tu viaje? ¿Te cuesta decidir? ¿Te lleva demasiado tiempo? ¿Buscas algo en particular? Entonces, deberías planificar tu viaje con un local para recibir consejos y planes de viaje a medida.

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